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This woman couldn’t carry a child to term — so her mother-in-law did it for her

At 17, Kayla Jones learned she had a tumor in her uterus.

“Doctors were able to save both of my ovaries, but they had to remove my uterus because there was no normal uterine tissue left,” the Arkansas woman told ALT Magazine. “After lots of prayers, the final pathology came back benign. Doctors informed us the only way I could have biological children was to have a gestational surrogate.”

Now 29, Kayla told ALT Magazine that she and her husband, Cody Jones, wanted to have a child — but they had no luck when searching for a surrogate. She said “all of our options (for surrogates) ran out” and that they were wary of the long wait and high cost that probably would come with adoption.

So Cody’s mother, Patty Resecker, had a suggestion: She could carry the child of her son and daughter-in-law.

“I kept seeing Cody and Kayla kind of get sad and think, ‘What’s our next step?’” Resecker told “Inside Edition.” “I told Cody and Kayla that I would do it if I can.”

The child would still genetically belong to Kayla and Cody, but Patty would bring it into the world.

And that’s exactly what the 50-year-old mother of three did.

“It’s their baby,” Patty joked to Inside Edition. “I was just the valet.”

It wasn’t an easy process, however. Kayla told LoveWhatMatters that doctors had to approve Patty being the gestational carrier of the child — and that their first embryo transfer failed.

Kayla and Cody shared their reaction when they learned that their second embryo transfer was successful. That meant Patty was now carrying her son’s child.

But they didn’t tell Patty about the news and decided to surprise her at work.

Her reaction was also caught on camera.

To help ensure a healthy pregnancy, Kayla, a nurse, gave Patty hormone injections during the first trimester, according to “Inside Edition.”

Patty, who was going through menopause, received the injections every day during that period.

Kayla said she and her mother-in-law got close during the pregnancy.

“I know more about my mother-in-law than most people probably know about themselves,” she told ALT Magazine. “I learned that Patty likes peanut butter toast and bacon for breakfast, sleeps sitting up, hardly ever drinks a soda and definitely loves with all of her heart.”

Everything turned out great. Kross Allen Jones was born on Dec. 30 by C-section, Kayla told LoveWhatMatters.

She and her husband have continued to share pictures of the baby on their “Creating Baby Jones” Facebook page, which aims to educate people about the way Kross came into the world.

“All those years of waiting, hoping, and praying,” Kayla wrote on Facebook. “It still does not feel real!! You are the best thing that has ever happened for your daddy and I!”

“Life is good. Patty recovered well and is going great!”

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