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Miami-Dade County

Miami Herald pulls Spanish-language LIBRE as weekly supplement, launches investigation

Dear readers,

Today, we notified LIBRE that we are ending our relationship and will never publish, print or distribute its content again.

We are deeply sorry that inflammatory, racist and anti-Semitic commentary reached our el Nuevo Herald subscribers through LIBRE, a Spanish-language publication that paid our company to have the product printed and inserted into our print edition as a weekly supplement.

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The fact that no one in leadership, beginning with us, had previously read this advertising insert until this issue was surfaced by a reader is distressing. It is one of a series of internal failures that we are investigating in order to prevent this from ever recurring.

How did this happen?

On Friday, a reader flagged an incredibly offensive column published in LIBRE. We then spent the weekend reviewing past issues and were appalled to discover multiple instances of anti-Semitic and racist commentary since January — content that would never meet our editorial standards at el Nuevo Herald and the Miami Herald.

We are in the process of investigating the Miami Herald’s business relationship with LIBRE. In addition, we are reviewing all inserts and our processes for these paid supplements that the company has printed and distributed with our news product. Our initial investigation has found that we do not have a content review process for LIBRE and other similar supplements that are curated by paid customers.

Our readers turn to us for fact-based, trusted local reporting and we can offer no excuse for the fact that such hateful content reached our readers.

In the interest of transparency in our community, we will share our findings of the LIBRE review in a story that will be published in both Spanish and English by the end of the week.

Transparency is a core operating value of journalism. Our news organization itself is an institution in our community, and we should hold ourselves to the standards of transparency that we expect of the institutions we cover.

We will work tirelessly to maintain your hard-earned trust.

Aminda Marqués González is executive editor and publisher of the Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald.

Nancy San Martín is managing editor of el Nuevo Herald.

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