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He fought with his girlfriend. Now, home and car burned and he’s dead, cops say

Police in Hialeah continue to investigate an arson case after finding the body of a man they believe set a home on fire before committing suicide on New Year’s Day.

The arson occurred at a home at 1478 West 44th Terrace in Hialeah, according to a statement from the Hialeah Police Department.

“Preliminary findings thus far lead us to believe that the male set the home on fire before committing suicide,” Hialeah Police Lt. Eddie Rodriguez said in a statement. He referred to the incident as “domestic-related arson.”

On Wednesday, Rodriguez released the dead man’s name: 53-year-old Israel Alvarez Perez.

“According to Alvarez’s live-in girlfriend of seven years (Maria Delgado), this incident stemmed from an ongoing dispute,” Rodriguez said in a police news release.

“Delgado contacted police for assistance in picking up her belongings from their home. Alvarez, aware that Delgado was picking up her belongings, set his vehicle and home on fire and committed suicide,” Rodriguez said.

The investigation is ongoing.

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