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Drake made a surprise appearance at one Miami school. Then he did it again at another.


It’s not every day a famous rapper shows up at a high school to film a music video.

But that’s what happened on Monday afternoon at Miami Senior High where students were treated to a surprise visit from Drake. The rapper was there to shoot a video for his hit song “God’s Plan,” which recently debuted at the top of the charts.

Drake performed on a crane above the school’s baseball field while a drone flew overhead to record the concert. A video posted to social media shows students wild with excitement as they sing along and film the performance on their smartphones.

The rapper also presented the school with a $25,000 check and said he would help design new school uniforms, according to a spokeswoman for the Miami-Dade school district.

Drake made a surprise visit to Miami Senior High School on Monday, Feb. 5, 2018. There, he awarded the school with a $25,000 donation. Courtesy of Jimmy Abraham Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Edgar Grant Santiago, a Miami Senior High alumnus, said he rushed to the school when a friend told him about Drake’s visit.

“The next thing you know, you got the crowd of students and a couple of alumni going crazy when he got the music playing while recording,” Santiago said in a message. “It was amazing and unexpected. Where can you say you got Drake to go your school? At Miami Senior High that’s where. That was truly God’s plan to bless the school.”


Then, Drake made another surprise visit — this time to the University of Miami. There, the rapper awarded a student with a $50,000 scholarship outside the Frost School of Music, according to The Miami Hurricane. The newspaper identified the lucky recipient as biology student Destiny James. Then the singer performed for a crowd on the Moss Terrace in the Donna E. Shalala Student Center.

When the rapper left campus, students crowded around the motorcade and chased it down Miller Drive, The Miami Hurricane reported.

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