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Yep, that was a cow on campus. Missouri grad takes graduation photos with bovine beauty

If you’re going to take a memorable graduation photo, you might as well make it big or moooove on.

This University of Missouri grad went big.

MU animal sciences major Massimo Montalbano, who graduates this weekend, turned heads when he brought a dairy cow onto campus Thursday for a photo shoot.

He wore a cap and gown. She wore ear tags.

“MIZ-MOO,” the university tweeted.

I’ve worked at the dairy basically all throughout college,” Montalbano told the Columbia Missourian. “I bonded with all of (the cows), and she’s one of my favorites.”

For those curious, the university tweeted, Amelia lives at the university’s Foremost Dairy Research Center. “She loved visiting campus,” the school tweeted.

The newspaper reported that Montalbano cleared the photo shoot on Francis Quadrangle with school officials before he and his girlfriend, animal sciences grad student Monica Witzke, loaded Amelia onto a trailer and drove her to campus.

Cows on the Columbia campus?

Nothing new.

“We’ve had a number of students over the years who have had an interest in dairy who have had photos taken with cows on the quad,” Jim Spain, vice provost for undergraduate studies, told the Missourian.

A post on the university’s Facebook page — cow emojis included — says that 2,200 students will graduate this weekend.

“Chicago’s Massimo Montalbano will celebrate by earning a degree in Mizzou College of Agriculture, Food and Natural ResourcesMizzou Animal Sciences program,” it says.

People left several “why didn’t I think of that” comments about the photo shoot on Mizzou’s Facebook page.

“I am deeply moooooved.”

“Oh for the love of Cow, this is awesome!”

Oh the puns.

One onlooker was apparently struck by the bovine beauty’s, uh, personal hygiene, noting how clean she looked.

“I just gave her a bath this morning,” said Montalbano, who has a job waiting for him at Grasslands Dairy after he graduates, the Missourian reported.


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