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A Florida man didn’t want his wife to leave the house, so he got in his tractor

A Florida man didn’t want his wife to leave the house so he took matters into his own hands.

According to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, Danny Stewart was charged with aggravated assault after he plowed the forks of his tractor into the side of her truck outside their Defuniak Springs home.

According to a police report, a deputy responded to a disturbance call on Friday. The wife, who had safely escaped to the Walton County Fire and Rescue station, told the deputy about the incident.

She said that she’d arrived at the estranged couple’s residence to get some items and was confronted by Stewart, demanding that she stay. She then got into her truck to leave the premises.

That’s when the husband hopped in his tractor, and drove through a fence to go after her, read the affidavit.


The victim then said that Stewart used the pallet forks on the front of the tractor to hit her driver side rear window and door. Damage to her vehicle could be clearly seen and matched with her statement, according to the deputy’s report.

The suspect admitted that he went after his wife’s truck, but did so because she had his “stuff.” But Stewart denied making contact with her truck and said damage to her vehicle came from hitting a fence. There were no signs that coincided with his statement, said the report, and the 64-year-old was placed under arrest.

Stewart was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and taken to the Walton County Jail without incident.

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