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If 43-0 wasn’t bad enough, here’s Tom Brady reliving your nightmare to the tune of ‘Miami’


A day after the New England Patriots blanked the Miami Dolphins, 43-0, quarterback Tom Brady posted a short video to Twitter recapping the win — and threw a little shade the Dolphins’ way.

In the 24-second video post, Brady says “it’s always great to be 2-0,” before calling out his defense for “ballin.”

The Will Smith song, “Miami,” is playing underneath Brady’s voice before the video ends with the song’s volume turned up over a clip of the defense returning an interception for a touchdown in Sunday’s victory.

The pick was one of three interceptions Ryan Fitzpatrick threw, and one of four by Dolphins’ quarterbacks as the Tank for Tua — in reference to Alabama junior quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, the perceived top quarterback in next year’s draft class — is in full swing in South Florida.

In addition to the video clip, where Brady shouted out his defense, there was a video caught Sunday before the game showing Brady coming off the team bus and a Miami security guard’s priceless reaction to his arrival.

Here’s the clip of that:

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